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Reviews for "Lord of the Pimps"

good good yay!

it was good. animation absolutly perfect man, that's sweet. only problem is the part where it says "Episode 1: lamest ending ever" because my computer wigged out there... but it looks good! you have great potential!

Nice i smell series

Don't listen to all these a-holes, this could be a sweet series, just work at it.


Its ok, but it look really... i dont know its like hmm i can not tell its just look weak.


well yeah... kinda..
Graphics is good though..
Looking forward bec. i can sense a not so perfect
but good beginning
Hopefully more content next time..


This is cool, man! I thought it could be longer, and l2l23nt was right. It does look like a carrot. Anyway , good graphics, (except maybe the rain) and a good idea! Keep it up.