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Reviews for "Lord of the Pimps"

Snoop Dogg vs. Ludicris

What is this? Snoop Dogg and Ludicris. That is what it really is. Theyre fightin' for $ baby. And I guess Snoop smokes cigars. Okay. And I guess he's also the Pimp Lord from the Cripp. And he dropped that gun like it was hot when he saw ludicris' fame. Yeah, and vice versa. How about calling it THE HOOD or PIMPS IN THE CRIPP? Oh well, it was good.

Pimptrix Rehoe'd

NoOneAtAll594 maybe you don't see it but I guess the sigar was ment as a joke and dude... who cares about the bullets :), I guess this shouldn't be a lord of the rings namish movie... it looks more like the Matrix:) I suggest the name Pimptrix Rehoe'd or something but anyway's keep up the good work... I gave interactivity a 0 because you can't do anything in the movie :p voilence 8... where's the gore :p style 7 some graphic faults rest is normal I guess good sounds 2


First of all...cigars do not look like vegtables...second....bullets eject the shell when they shoot...they don't stay on when the gun fires...i know....but you apperently don't... i vote 2....only because the idea of this was funny...but next time...do something with more thought into it...

I love it

a very stylistic flash worth a view I'm serious ppl watch it and view it .. it's a shame it never got a weekly or anything

This is great

Hey, good job. Your animation is awesome. everything is great, but the music i think could be a bit more confrontational, and the ending glitches out