Reviews for "Akuma vs Scorpion 2(1)"


Nice. I liked the fight scene. Good job.

that was fucking awsome

you have a good series ahead of you.
good luck

Another good episode to add to the series

Damn dude, how'd you get so good at making these flashes?
I wish I could make flashes as good as you dude.

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(this is for both (1) and (2)

-anyone who says this series sucks...is a consumor of pen0r(pen|s) and must complain about everything bcuz this is one of the best series' that i've ever seen

-on another note THIS IS AWESOME I WANNA SEE #3

OMFG!!!!! awesome,(this is for both 1 & 2)

Wow....this is really good,i cant wait to see what else happens in this story...you get full marks from me for both episodes!!! 10/10