Reviews for "Akuma vs Scorpion 2(1)"

This is good

This is good flash man!! I really enjoy it. Maybe u can work on the sound a little bit more.


that rocked fuckin hard can't wait to see the next one that came out a little while ago.

that was fucking awsome

you have a good series ahead of you.
good luck

Pretty good

First i thought that was another crappy sprite movie...but ive wrong. This was genius word and now... im going to see part two^^


The use of sprites was fairly good... but they were still sprites, and you didn't do anything new with them. The main thing I had a problem with was that the plot... was... just... so... STUPID! I feel really bad saying this to you, but two popular characters from two different games (one cartoon, the other photographed) go into a third game's 'world' looking for the most powerful people to beat up? At least Dragonball Z has good character development.