Reviews for "Akuma vs Scorpion 2(1)"


AN i thot the first was the best!!! GOd DAAAMn!! this shit is amazing
i gave humour ten just cuz it was intersting!! Death to mega man!!!!
End was of Pt 2 was EXXELLENT :D

what ng was made for!

Cool stuff must see the second one

Thank you so much for this movie, I hate megaman so much i have wanted to make a movei similiar to this one please let me know your oppionion on megaman.

Better then your first!

And your first one was great! For this you get a 5!

Man this is still good

Axe and Glider? with no reason, but good idea.
But Scorpion didnt use the axe. is anything special about that?

Great work of art.

Screw what the last guy said. He has no life.

But i got a question. When Akuma fights that zero guy with the red scarf at the beginning, what's the name of the background music??

xXARCHAONXx responds:

its called like, techno megaman remix theme, easily found on limewire or any other p2p program