Reviews for "Akuma vs Scorpion 2(1)"

no bad dawg

that was fkn good man...........u should make more..........u noe..........u should have ken vs any bad guy from mk not like shao kahn and thos big ass mother fawkers........but u noe that ll be good

OMFG!!!!! awesome,(this is for both 1 & 2)

Wow....this is really good,i cant wait to see what else happens in this story...you get full marks from me for both episodes!!! 10/10

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(this is for both (1) and (2)

-anyone who says this series sucks...is a consumor of pen0r(pen|s) and must complain about everything bcuz this is one of the best series' that i've ever seen

-on another note THIS IS AWESOME I WANNA SEE #3


also, i was wondering if they could invade sonic's world next with supersonic and hyperknuckles .... that or their vg copy, Killer instinct's world, with Fulgore and the three headed guy, what's his name?

The Best

this flash is easely the best an awesome mix of great sprite work and dbz 2 THUMBS UP