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Reviews for "PEACETANK"

loved it

yo this was great, so simple yet with a powerful message, and the animation style was great, as well as the drawings themselves. loved hwo each action connected with the point in the background music, if ya know what i mean. anyways, all around great piece of flash, nice work

loved it

man i love ur work!! the tank was cool.. i loved the sound of it rolling :D it was so nice :D:D:D:D

You've done it again Palidan

Great job on everything I loved it.


Firstly i would like to commend you on your work- really liked it.

After reading some of the reviews i came across one i simply had to disagree with. it is a rightwing ideal that greed and lust for power is human nature. it is evil people who do so. if their was a planetary revolution it would mean we could possibly abolish the need for war and violence.

Anywho, good job, sorry for the moralistic speech!

Tallyho! I be a pirate- ARRRGH!

very very nice ^_^

big fan. that was very cute and totally true. i loved it. great work pal.