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Reviews for "PEACETANK"

gr8 idea

That was gr8 work, the story was deffinitly refreshing ^^ i havent seen something that is even related to this, i always like something that has to do with war ^^... especially if theirs casulties anywayz gr8 anim like to see more... MUCH more..


So the answer is not pulling them out of iraq. its to get a mass of giant flowers and fire it at them resulting in peace...
hmm.. we need to start getting flowers then

DanPaladin responds:



Nice work Dan. When can we see a game starring this little bringer of destruction?

For all you wondering, the song in the movie is "Dies Irae" by Verdi.


now it only that would work with Bush...hmm...processing...nah, better just get rid of Bush...
Great work on this one! really really good!

very good

i really enjoyed this, but i have a question? is the end, where it shows the dead flowers symbolic for peace just isnt going to happen? or am i just 'over analyzing'? please reply

DanPaladin responds:

i'd say you're over analyzing, but since when can't you get out of it what you want to get out of it? my initial intention with the flowers at the end was just to show the aftermath of the flower cannon.