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Reviews for "PEACETANK"

Great work

Awesome animation as usual, man. Loved the concept and it was very well done.

One suggestion... put Giuseppe Verdi in your "Audio" information too. Wargasm sure didn't write the "Dies Irae."


ok it was realy good!(even though it looked like a truk)

Why is this so good?

I cant stop watching it, did u have to make it that good? your ruining my life!!!!


Keep up excelent work, this proves you dont have to be violent to make entertaining flash.


i enjoyed it. previous reviewer = idiot.

I <3 you

I love you Dan, your whole outlook on war, politics, and just your ability to stir up so much shit with such simple little cartoons and games. You've pretty much summed up america, war, and peace in most of your games and cartoons, and with such simplicity.