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Reviews for "PEACETANK"

You are a true artist!

You don't sell out, you don't use NG to simply promote yourself or your site (I realize there was a credit to your site, but that is not shameless promotion), and you don't take no guff from nobody! You make what you want not what other people want, and that's highly commendable!

I love peacetank.. I hope he grows wings and drops a giant flower nuke on the world.


Whoa... thats all u can really say about this . Whoa....

loved it

yo this was great, so simple yet with a powerful message, and the animation style was great, as well as the drawings themselves. loved hwo each action connected with the point in the background music, if ya know what i mean. anyways, all around great piece of flash, nice work

loved it

man i love ur work!! the tank was cool.. i loved the sound of it rolling :D it was so nice :D:D:D:D

You've done it again Palidan

Great job on everything I loved it.