Reviews for "PEACETANK"

loved it

yo this was great, so simple yet with a powerful message, and the animation style was great, as well as the drawings themselves. loved hwo each action connected with the point in the background music, if ya know what i mean. anyways, all around great piece of flash, nice work


loved it. good to see some old light-hearted violence, with a twist! nicely animated too. once again, very good!

Dan Paladin I salute you

I love all the works done by Dan Paladin and Synj. Keep up the good work, maybe even turn this into a game.

Synj, you still rock!

Ignore what the previous idiot said, he clearly doesn't know anything about flash (or the human body...13 inch dick? You'd get dizzy just by getting it up! 8 pound balls? You must get around via wheel chair!). A bit short in my opinion (the movie...), nice idea though.

Great Flash

When there seems to be no good Flash artists around, and we start to lost hope, it's people like SynJ that bring that hope back into our eyes and hearts. Few animators have the talent like this one does. Thanks, SynJ for making another great animation.
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