Reviews for "PEACETANK"



Danny Boy

You are always a breath of fresh air, but youve heard it all before, so I'll spare it. You = One cool dude/Hero.


So, enemy+enemy=war. enemy-enemy=more enemies. friend+friend=enemy/peace. None of them are equal to peace. Reminds me of the saying Peace cannot be attained without sacrifice...so, the right equation should be: enemy+friend-enemy+war-war=peace.

You damn Hippie!

I liked it...good job!

I like it

I reminds me of the song Friedenspanzer by Die Ärzte.
If I may continue Mayhap's thought: I think the Point is that those equations dont work. enemy + enemy = war is ok, but enemy - enemy = peace is a paradoxon. Thats why peacetank looked for a new equation that makes sense. ;) I think the whole movie is a symbol: Make love not war. But I guess everyone already found that out. lol