Reviews for "PEACETANK"

Synj, you still rock!

Ignore what the previous idiot said, he clearly doesn't know anything about flash (or the human body...13 inch dick? You'd get dizzy just by getting it up! 8 pound balls? You must get around via wheel chair!). A bit short in my opinion (the movie...), nice idea though.


cute tank.

Pretty good

I liked it. Good animations, and it had a meaning. Good job

Damn Dan!!!

that was definatly an odd one...

whatever u were thinking at the time...im glad u were

its another top notch flash (although your clown thing kinda caught me off guard)

anyway it was nicely drawn + well animated
+ and the music was very fitting = Damn fine animation!!!

great = everything.

I really enjoyed this, all the way. Everything had it's own style. The color scheme worked very well. The sound was top-notch, especially the music (very fitting) And I definitely thought the story was neat for a short like this. Very cool work, indeed!