Reviews for "PEACETANK"


I love it... but im thinking more about trying to figure out what the name of the music is. Someone plz tell me the name of that peice.

That was amazing...

That was a truly great piece of work. It was very stylish with a good soundtrack, and it really made me feel good. Perfect Score! (Very worthy of teh Ubar front page!)

Dan you are god

Dan, you continue to amaze me.

I worship your work.

A pleasant romp

But dull. Very, very dull.

Oddly amusing

This was oddy amusing. I cant quite put my finger on it, or maybe it's because of the idiot's message preceeding mine. Animation was smooth, the idea of flowers vs. bombs was funny. It's like the ultimate war machine.

To the guy preceeding me: Get a life, get a job, get a wife; you're a slob.