Reviews for "PEACETANK"

not bad man

this was actually really cool. you might want to work on some words or something happening besides the original war, but it wasnt bad. the animation was passable and the little tank thing was awsome. i really like this . you did good. keep it up! and remember ENEMY+ENEMY=WAR ENEMY-ENEMY=PEACE


that was neat.


that was cute haha


Okay, that was awesome. The song choice was perfect, very dramatic. I did think it was funny how the tank has a little face, but it's never animated. It was very poetic, but IT WAS SO SHORT! Damn you! you know the perfect way to make people keep coming back. It's the perfect hook. Awesome animation, great message, then you just end it. I hate you...now make more awesome animations.

Kinda neet

Its like a poem, a person could say it has a "deeper meaning to it "It was good with all them bombs and all them flowers, just wants to put a smile on your face. what a wonderful life.