Reviews for "Titanium Assault"


man, this is just a winning piece of metal brutality right here :D love how the song was structured, all the rhythms, especially on bard's vocals!

Devastus responds:

Thanks dude, I definitely have to agree that bard did a fantastic job :P

oh, sweet bloated mother of all things unholy...

Dev, I was so fucking psyched when you asked me to be part of this... the speed and intensity of those riffs makes my jaw drop every time I hear it.

I can barely even explain what it was like, to add vox to metal when it was pumping so hard... it felt like everything under my skin was going to explode outwards... everything in my body was on 11 (spinal tap reference, dunno if you get it!)... it made me one step closer to understanding the philosophy put forth by the preachers of Satanism in the inner circle of the black metal scene: "all for greater power". Recording this was a total power trip.

You did great work with this, man... the unlord will earn fresh souls tonight D:


Devastus responds:

It would've been nothing without those assraping lyrics, my man. They're still my favourite thing in this whole song.

Fresh souls, fresh souls \m/

Holy shit.

Excellent sound quality, what did you use to record? Fucking epic guitar work all around, the lead riffs instantly kept me hooked. The vocals are brutal, this totaly rules. But i can't stress enough how well the sound quality is, i wish i could get the same quality from fruityloops but it's so damn hard. Anyways great work from all of ya, glad theres another metal king amongst us. (lol) Definately need to collab or something if your interested. Horns ! \m/

Devastus responds:

Thanks for the input, dude. I'm quite amazed at how well I got things together too. Trial and failure, you see :P

I use Cakewalk Sonar for recording and composing, and it required alot of nitpicky mixing and mastering to get the whole song into this state. It's sometimes rather annoying since you have to wiggle around with all kinds of plugins and buttons, but I guess I have a liking for that :P

Thanks for your review. \m/

some crazy shit here

great work guys, real amazing stuff. Every part of this track is just br00tal. \m/


Devastus responds:

Thanks man, it took some time to complete as well. I'm very pleased on the outcome personally :P

Thanks for your review. \m/

pretty good

that was a killer riff, the recording quality was excellent, and the guitar solo was amazing. personally, i don't like death roars but that's just my opinion, also, at the end, i think it cuts off a little quickly, but otherwise it was amazing! great work.

Devastus responds:

Thanks man. Yeah, I understand that some people don't like growling vocals, you can never please everyone. But thanks for still giving good output on the song. Also, I kinda wanted it to cut off in the end, though I might've pulled it off a bit wrong :P

Thanks for your review.