Reviews for "Titanium Assault"


Pretty fucking awesome. Downloaded, added to IPOD.
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4.61 / 5.00 (+ 0.016)


fuck. the Final Fuck. this is incredible. like fuck. haha, really, this sounds more awesome than my swearing can describe. i won't even try to be constructive since this is the best tune i've heard in quite a while. you guys are sick, haha. keep rocking \m/

Devastus responds:

Thanks man, we'll keep on being sick just for you guys :P


awsome. the bard is defenittly gonna be in the music buisness soon

Devastus responds:

I wouldn't doubt it at all.

Thanks for the review.


TheBardOfBlasphemy made me comment here D:

Pretty sweet man. Sounds awesome.

Devastus responds:

Glad to see that you fulfill your master's bidding :P

Thanks for the review man.

now that's fucking metal

the riffs the drumms, just amazing
and of course the vocals, nice work
make more stuff like this

Devastus responds:

Thanks, I'll try to keep on making :P