Reviews for "Titanium Assault"

Heavy as hell.

This far exceeded my expectations.

Just awesome man. The mix is excellent, for a joint project, you guys truly outdid your selves. Sounds professionally recorded. Everything in the mix sits well, the guitar playing is top notch and the drumming is great, never getting lost in the mix as can sometimes happen in songs heavy in the low end such as this.

High score all around from me. Keep shit like this coming out!

OH shit.

Oh shit. Shit shit shit. I think.. I think I love you. I'm serious. I almost got off listening to this; -sobs in the most metal way possible-

Haha, good fucking shit man.

Devastus & Bard.

My two favorites.

Metal. 'Nuff said.

EPIC! Love this shit!

I love the flawless mix of guitar and drum!
Deathkllr does great guitars but his drums have a couple of things missing somewhere, but your drums mixed flawlessly with the guitar!
You and deathkiller should have a twin solo with your drums and your guitar with his. That would be fucking Godly! Talk to him about it.Make a fan happy ^_^


Great riffs, awesome growls, what can I say more?