Reviews for "Titanium Assault"

wicked as usual

i have to say really good, but in the start the vocals sound funky, like the singer wasnt close enough to the mic, its a damn good song and i hope you take me up on my wicked offer

Supercrushingspectaularlovesoundsof destiny

I can't agree more with AlexVonDoom's assessment of this song. Bard your style and vocals , along with a select few here, are one of my favorite vocalists on NG.
Thanks for hitting me up about this song. It has power, emotion and energy. Great performance by everyone on this track.

\m/ HAIL! \m/


I could pick apart every awesome part of this song but fuck it. This was a metal masterpiece!!! I don't know if you guys have heard the band"The Forsaken," but I think you would really dig it, as this reminded me of it. Supreme work dudes, this one was an instant (and easy) 5!!!!! Keep em coming!!!!!

bard has done it again!

man everytime i hear a track with bard on it i know its gonna be bad fucking ass! you guys have come and seriously done something so sadistically SICK and bad ass ! when i thikn of metal this is what pops into my mind those solo's all my lord! im downloading this and poppin it on myipd cause this is seriously BEYOND sick!!!! man cant wait to the day i can work with y'all! keep rockin hard ad bringing metal to the weka minded!


love the guitar

the guitar in this one was absolutely awesome, thrashing and heavy hitting, a sounded awesome. The lyrics were another major plus to this one, really suited the metal genre. The drum line was awesome as well, like the guitar thrashing and heavy hitting. Though I couldnt really hear the base line to hear how it sounded. But thats ok, because Im giving this one a 5/5, keep up the good work man!