Reviews for "TmsT's Zero Wing Rhapsody"

Pure and Utter Genius

There are Really really smart people out there who you could ask them a question and they would tell you really quickly the answer when others would take much longer to work it out. Then there are Genius where you could ask them a question and they can give you an answer nobody esle would EVER think of.
TMST you are a Bloody Genius.
This is a GREAT work of art and I never would of though these two things could of been spliced together like that but it has been done supurbely.
Oh yeah your ruining my life making me click reply all the time you know!
You know what they do.

TmsT responds:

Awww, shucks.
Bloody Genius?... I just combined two things that were destined to be together, but kept apart by the laws of sanity (and copyright).


I can seriouslly feel the EPICNESS overflowing from this animation!

that was a beautiful mashup

no one could pull that off as well as you did 10/10 5/5

CATS' headbaning was hilarious XD


This is on my top five songs of all time. This is an ingenious cross over between AYB and Queen. I wish I could give it twenty stars.

very cool