Reviews for "TmsT's Zero Wing Rhapsody"

Great Job TMST

I thought this movie was very well done. I watched it 3 times in a row...Very well done.


Dude, that had me crackin' up...lol, good work man...

Very funny

It was very funny how you made it to the tune of Titanium Rhapsody. I loved that song, and this one also. The only part that got slightly anoying to me was the "What you say?" part. All the rest of it was nicely done. Especially the part where they do the headbanging. Very funny.


Just... Beautiful....


OMG an excellent work.

funny Rhapsody/Zero Wing parody

Warning: ignore what Killai111111 wrote. He is writing this piece of shit everywhere. The link obviously contains virus/trojan.. Don't be fooled.