Reviews for "TmsT's Zero Wing Rhapsody"


Nice musical

btw all your base belong to santa noob.


... This video.. Made me shiver and twitch... Agh...
I'm sorry, but I must say (If this is actually a work by Too much Spare Time) that you've done much more better jobs on other ones...
By the way, is the singing done by all of the people who were.. Oh never mind, I just got to the ending.. Hey I'm surprised I'm not dead from the continous (Think I spelt that wrong) shivering and twtiching.
But overall, nice job. It made me smile a bit.

TmsT responds:

You are forgiven. Shiver and twitch away to your heart's content. Thanks for your opinon!


Man, I really don't want to give such a low score for this. The graphics were awesome, everything fit together except for one thing: The lyrics.

The lyrics were awful. I know you were trying to use the exact lines from the original, but they just didn't fit. The repetitive lines didn't flow, were awkward, and were even strange.

Awful lyrics, but great parody and art.

TmsT responds:

Since you've taken the time to review, I might as well take the time to explain something to you that you missed, unlike the other 40,000 or so viewers.

"The repetitive lines didn't flow, were awkward, and were even strange."

This is what made the original Zero Wing intro so phenominally popular in the first place. The inane repetition, the clumsy, awkward broken-English phrases, the strange words.

I'm not sure whether I should feel reprimanded on behalf of whoever came up with those words all those years ago when Zer Wing was being (mis)translated, or if I should just smile and nod at your opinion... But thanks for reviewing anyway... I hope this clears up some of your confusion. Watch it again now, with new ears.


You did the guitar solo BACKWARDS.... Moving closer to the body, the sound goes up - moving away it goes down. So if your guy was to really play that solo, it would be opposite and sound like crap! :D This really pissed me off!

And the captain's hands are supposed to move down when the zig is moving past him. I kept waiting for his hands to move down but they didn't!

And if you headbang to rock, you make yourself look like an idiot... especially if you headbang to Queen... headbanging is reserved for heavy metal.

TmsT responds:

Are the Captain's hands supposed to move down? Says who? That's not in the original animation, which I have right here. And I'm the director of this one.

"And if you headbang to rock, you make yourself look like an idiot"
EXACTLY. Idiots are funny.


This isn't flash... It's gold.

The song itself wasn't really a song, just you guys singing the dialouge. The animation was impressive. Kats or whatever his name is had a great voice! All in all, this gets a 4. PS: what's with the captain doing that weird shit at the end? you know, when they swing their lighters? that was kinda dumb.

TmsT responds:

That weird shit is called DRAMATIC POSES. Captain Kirk does it a lot. ;)