Reviews for "TmsT's Zero Wing Rhapsody"

Holy flying fuck

If this is not on the front page within days, it will be a travesty. This is awsome.

This is definately the best flash ever.

Without a doubt in my mind i say that this is the funniest flash i have ever seen. All my base r blong 2 u.


Now that was both scarily origonal and funny. I was watching this only to pass the time while i downloaded the new version of DoD and WOW this is a quality piece. Your name is well earned, TMST crew. Godspeed!

i LOVED it!

ssj, are you an idiot? honestly, who DOESN'T make fun of zero wing? i thought that the combination of the bohemian rhapsody and zero wing was such a great idea. thumbs up, this will be one of my favs for a very long time.

and to the people who think an actual mp3 should have been used instead of a midi, i disagree strongly. i think that the fact a midi was used just fits and makes it feel more old school. :]

TmsT responds:

Wow, somebody who actually GETS IT. You must have an IQ that's above 100. :D Thanks!


Okay lol. 10 it is!