Reviews for "TmsT's Zero Wing Rhapsody"


*laugh a little more*
*keeps laughing*
- Kael Sorrow

TmsT responds:

*Revives with zombie curse*


Almost forgot...

...how hilarious AYB was, and now this spoof made it even better...Keep Too Much Spare Time up!!!...Great!!!


This is a Master Peice of a Flash...


Take off every zig!

This is sheer brilliance, great job! I love your stuff!

Wow, only word I can say...

Holy geeze, I love u man..Also, who did all the singing? I want to be their groupy...-drools- heh sounded so well done...-bows before him- Please tell me you will do more Spoofs, I will cry if you do not...
And for the donation part I read earlyer, I offer only myself....-ponders- OK I don't thats not a very appatizing offer v.v sorry.. All I can offer you is my love for what you have done with this flash. Please don't stop..

TmsT responds:

Me and my mates did the singing - See the ending credits. You can be our honorary groupie, even if we're not a real "group". I will always make more parodies... see my other movies on my website as well.