Reviews for "TmsT's Zero Wing Rhapsody"


I love this! I love Bohemian Rhapsody, and this fits the words PERFECTLY to the tune! The "Ha, HAAAA!" bit was great, and the graphics were quite electric! Very funny, there's almost nothing wrong about it! Well done!

Freddie would be pleased.

Actually, no he wouldn't. But I am. Speaking as a die-hard Queen fan, I thought I was going to be MAJORLY offended. I'm serious, I went into this all geared up and ready to hate it. But after thirty seconds I was hooked. I love Zero Wing parodies, and (as mentioned) I love Queen, so this was a medley of love for me. It's rare that a Queen parody wins my affection, but this was different. Bravo, good sir. I salute you. That was a wonderful piece of non-claptrap that never made me want to retch.

TmsT responds:


I was actually crying with laughter, now I'm soggy

Brilliant, a work of masterpiece. I had to try to stop my sides from splitting. One thing to work on: put some strings on the guitar, or do they have stringless guitars in the 22nd century? I don't like criticizing you, your too funny and it's killing me.

Holy Crap!!!!

This was the best thing i think ive ever seen in my lifetime... it was so funny... and the graphics were really good... awesome job

Is there any other word than great voice actors...

me and my friends love it so much we memorized it and sing it to people cause its just that amxing... you changed my life lol