Reviews for "TmsT's Zero Wing Rhapsody"

Fucking Bloody Briliant!!!

Graphics: Head banging drawn so well!
Style: That's one of a kind. A little repetitive but I don't care!
Sound: See Style.
Humor: So Fucking briliant!
Violence: It was so funny I had to bang my head against a lemon slice tied to a gold brick to stop laughing
Interactivity: See Violence.

My big bro is a great fan of this stuff. hopefully he'll take time out of college to see this. He'll thank himself later.


hahaha the airgitaur and hair flip that was so awsum :P


that was awesome. i just favorite'd this. the only problem, in my opinion, was that you should've put a bit more of the queen-esque harmonies during the song. the beginning part (of the singing) was rad! keep up the good work. AWESOME.


well, there it is. all my 5 go to this.
all my 5 r belong to you.
for great justice,
make more flash.


Amazing, very funny and unique