Reviews for "TmsT's Zero Wing Rhapsody"

All My Five Belong To This

LoL hahaha i havent seen a AYB submission on the front page for like the longest time :') it brings tears to my eyes that this is funny ive been laughing so hard seeing this that I know this going to be in my Favourites YEHYEH

dont listen to that last guy

the flash was great but the guy who last reviewed this has a link to a back door hack into your compy. fags like that have nothing better to do than to jack-off to gay porn with Don Vito and watch Chirstopher Lowell all day.

you are freaking awesome!

freddy mercury would be proud, that was one of hte best submissions i've seen in a loooong time


All Your Base Forever

For Great Justice


HAHA that was great......... thank you so much

is there anywhere we can dl this?

TmsT responds:

Try looking in your temporary internet files.