Reviews for "TmsT's Zero Wing Rhapsody"

that was a beautiful mashup

no one could pull that off as well as you did 10/10 5/5

CATS' headbaning was hilarious XD


i love zero wing and queen my two favorite things in one


Dude i shit myself laughing at the all your base are belong to use part then the head banging lols voice actng was a little iffy at times but that was so funny i have to give it a 10!!

Justice was had.

I honestly thought this was awesome. There was some repetition in the beginning, but it's forgivable after watching the whole thing. I never imagined crossing an awesome song with this game/internet fad. Creative points go to you!


A little bit too repetitive at times, especially at the beginning "Main Screen Turn On" part and the "Zigs" over the rock section made me want to declare shenanigans, but the chorus in the middle with the trib. to the ACTUAL QUEEN VIDEO gave me much hope. If you were to re-do this in better quality, I would be very happy indeed.