Reviews for "TmsT's Zero Wing Rhapsody"

Ahh, you're a genious.

Nuff said. Best AYB flash. Period.

The greatest thing ever.

Dude, like dude I can't believe how freaking awesome that Anime cats is, just so awesome, you certainly do have a knack for these things.

One thing that bothered me though, as great as the song and lyrics were, it sounded like a dodgy midi, but that doesn't make this flash any less deserving of my favourite. :D

TmsT responds:

"Dodgy MIDI" is about halfway between the original Zero Wing Sega music and the Queen recording.


This was very well done I've watched it 3 times already. I gave style a 7 cause All You Base istn't anything new but also cause this is one way AYB has never been shown. Violence a 1 cause the ship exploded at the end killing the captain. Interactivity I really just give 1 point for each button so...you got a 4. This was pretty funny but it doesn't seem is was based on being funny cats headbanging just gave you the 5 in humor. On a closing note I would like ot point out the review last to mine the guy pretty much disses the movie and rates is 10/10 and prolly 5/5 now if people dont like the movie they really shouldn't rate it high.


Nice musical

btw all your base belong to santa noob.

Oh. Yeah.

Quite simply, the greatest flash. Ever.

What you say? 5 5 5!