Reviews for "TmsT's Zero Wing Rhapsody"


was worth a few good laughs.But the graphics were ok.The sound sounded like you took the queen MIDI and went over it with voices...


The only good thing was the graphics i give you some credit for trying to do that song but you butcher'd it the only humor really was that it wasn't good. I'm being a little harsh but i really didn't enjoy it try something else...anything else!

TmsT responds:

Sure thing, there's about 20 other submissions of mine that are different to this. I hope some of them appeal to you. If not I will kill myself with a corkscrew and vinegar.

its not that its bad, but ...

well i have seen so meny of them. SO MENY I TELL YOU.

tom, that is 3 minuts of my life i well never get back.

TmsT responds:

What will you use them for? Watching Dragonball Z? Go to Hell. :D

Great Song, Great Animation, But...

I've seen so many spinoffs of Zero Wing. This definitely isn't the best one. Don't take offense; there are people who all in all dedicate a great deal of time to worshipping this grammatical blunder of a game. Bohemian Rhapsody is one of my favorite all-time songs, though this rendition made me wish I had a hammer to bash my head in, just so the music would stop. I think this song isn't the best choice for the parody. Aside from the horrible music, the animation was excellent. Very well synchronized and such.

TmsT responds:

This is merely my tribute to Bad_CRC's animation which inspired me to take up Flash a couple of years ago. I would never dream of dethroning that work of genius, which is why I made something a little different. Please know it was not my intention to upstage the great masters.

Wow. Best "All Your Base" since the original!

Like I said above - best AYB since the original!

Graphics: Definitely good, hand drawn graphics, some of which trace over the original AYB graphics for the lookalike factor. Some skill here! I don't see very many hand drawn cartoons like this outside of TV! Just as good as "Homestar Runner" or most of LegendaryFrog's animation!

Style: Awesome. Just awesome. I can't say much more than that, really. As far as the guitar goes, I think the backwardsness added to the AYB engrish atmosphere.

Sound: Bohemian Rhapsody! An awesome song. Your singers weren't bad either, the captain almost had that Frank Sinatra thing going on. CATS was really funny, too, but some of the 'are belong to us' were a bit off.

Violence: Wasn't really the point of this piece, there were a few explosions but it isn't included in the overall score.

Interactivity: There's... some buttons... Whatever. Not included in overall.

Humor: You can't get any better than CATS headbanging! I literally cracked up there. Also, the 'somebody set up us the bomb' was quite good. The guitar thing didn't bother me, and in fact added to the humor because it's very AYBish to have it backward.

Overall: 9/10 Good job. This equates a low 5 on the thingy meter.
Keep making Flash!

TmsT responds:

Will do! Thank you very much for being so positive.