Reviews for "TmsT's Zero Wing Rhapsody"


I went in with such high expectations... I thought... this time... it might be different...someone might have added something new and fresh to the world of AYB... but sadly I was let down.. it wasn't bad work... I was just really hoping for better.... It was good... but... it could have been so much more.... maybe next time :(

TmsT responds:

There won't be a next time.

Second only to the original!

Wow, great work! I am really impressed with this one. Sure, there are problems with it (graphics could be better, animation technicalities, etc.), but my overwhelming reaction is AWESOME!!! I don't know why anyone wouldn't like this. It's one of the better submissions to NG, in my opinion. Long live AYB!!!

Incredibly Original Take

Great idea and incredibly well pulled off. The middle was a bit long but the end was excellent and the entire thing still managed to tell a limited narative. I quite enjoyed it.

You are not serious...

Dude, don't make fun of Queen, or Zero Wing.... or LOTR... or animé. Also the high tones on a guitar is not in the back. I know this because I can play a few chords to a Nirvana song. : )

Anyway. Great sumission. Not your best, but high quality and very funny. I think that this is the perfect closure for AYB. It's like the joke returned one last time in order to go out with a bang.

Hope noone else makes any new AYB films though.

TmsT responds:

Thank for your review, now exuse me while I dig up Freddie Mercury and turn him into a puppet for my marionette musical of "All Your Base" in the style of Dragonball Z, set in Hobbiton, and starring Gandalf as CATS.


was worth a few good laughs.But the graphics were ok.The sound sounded like you took the queen MIDI and went over it with voices...