Reviews for "TmsT's Zero Wing Rhapsody"

All your base

Three words. OUT FUCKIN STANDING! A new spin on an original great. Too cool. Kudos to the author. Keep em comin'!

What you say?

Whoever came up with this idea can only be described in one word... Genius. Who would think of taking a famous Queen song and putting it to the entire Zero Wing introduction? Not once did they use a lyric that wasn't in the dialouge of "All Your Base". I thought that was simply amazing. Zero Wing is quite possibly one of the largest failures to translate video-game text. This failure has spawned many hours of laughter. We should give them thanks for giving us something to make fun of for generations to come. Thank you, Zero Wing! And thank you, TmsT, for making my day.

TmsT responds:

Thanks Andy (I assume you're the same Mr Durdin that I know from Keening circles)! Don't forget to vote for this in the "Cash for Flash" thing! :D


one of the better flash i've ever seen!!
it's simply too good!!!
like the part "main screen turn on" xDDDD
greetz from chile!!
(sorry 4 my bad english :P)

TmsT responds:

Hi Chile!
I don't have anything against bad English... as you may have guessed. ;)

Broken Record

Not even entertaining, didnt want to finish it but then my review would have been baseless (not a joke).
why didnt you pick a song that the lines fit the melody. the music was barely recogniseable over the constant "every zig" and "main screen turn on" repetition.

TmsT responds:

And it makes the already-awkward dialogue stand out even more... geeze how many times do I hafta explain this to the few who don't get it...


This has found a special place in my heart.

TmsT responds:

It has a special place in my spleen, also.