Reviews for "TmsT's Zero Wing Rhapsody"


Wow, you really run with an idea when you get it huh? Awesome idea, and the words were true to wing zero, AND they went with the song well.
Good Job.

TmsT responds:

Run... jump...

...and fly.


HAHA that was great......... thank you so much

is there anywhere we can dl this?

TmsT responds:

Try looking in your temporary internet files.

Good job

Another great variation of the Bohemian Rhapsody, the funniest one i have seen. But the idea is not too original. There are a lot of flash movies out there that have used the song. But you have used Zero Wing effectively in this movie. Good job.

TmsT responds:

Indeed. The idea was waiting to happen, and I am honoured that it happened to me.

Thia is great.

It has been a long time since I've seen anything decent come along related to AYB, but this is truly refreshing. Very nice use of a great song. If Freddy Mercury is rolling in his grave I'm sure they're rolls of laughter.

p.s. I loved head-banging Catz

Bravo for Zero!

A bit repetitive but certainly entertaining.