Reviews for "Orbox"

Good game

I have seen games like it but dont think i have had one as hard thxs for the challenge..


that was amazing, but really, 18 was hard shit. 16 is easy shit. the one with the 4 diff come together cubes on all sides of you.. omfg
i spent an hour on it before i realised you could do it in 4 moves.

anyway, thanks so much for this game. some 5 hours of my life gone, but not wasted! incredible! oh, and i recommend printing out any puzzlesy ou ahve trouble with and tracing routes with a pencil.

i ahd to do that for 19.

GameBalance responds:

Thanks! You great!(Metal slugX)


I just love this game! I hope you plan on making more! ;)

GameBalance responds:

Me too. Thanks!

I played this sooo much back at the start of March

When you first submitted it. I'm thinking I'll probably be voting for it as one of the top 5 flashes of the month for the 250 bucks contest, but I'm not positive yet. One thing's for sure: it's damned addictive, gameplay-wise.

It took me a few hours that first night of playing.... and about two or three tries during those hours... to get all the way to the end. After doing so, I actually WANTED to replay it. More than once more! It's got that much replay value. To more fully conquer the levels... to memorise them... to increase your score... and hell, I actually even wrote a walkthru (and yes, I noticed that most levels can flip both vertically and horizontally).

I love the graphical style. It reminds me of the old Master of Orion computer game series (where you'd start up terraforming operations and then found colonies on planets on various star systems... and the star map was kinda similar to the background starry view behind the gamefield in Orbox). The actual box you move, its trails... and all the various objects and warps and angled-mirrors and lasers and so forth that you can run into or bounce off of.... They are all crafted so well.

And yes, the game is simple by design... and the game is similar to other block games like this. But I think the space setting and the actual level design elevates this one. It was fun from level 1 to level 25 (the 5 lasers unlock level). I've only screenshotted two of my final scores from back then (March 2nd, early morning), but... they were 20,595 and 22,195. I plan on replaying the game soon, perhaps during the March Flash Contest voting period (April 1st-4th).

Great job! Make more puzzle games! Love it. Love it!

GameBalance responds:

Wow! Thank you very much for this review! I have so much ideas about games but I can't make it alone. So I chose the best of what I can make. Hope I'll create team to make games.


This is my favorite game on Newgrounds, but I like to play puzzle games off and on so I play it like once a day.

GameBalance responds:

I updated it with hi-scores works, but not sure when NG put it instead cuz it had more than 5k views.
Be sure it is if file size more than 77kb and around like 90kb
Anyway it's allready works at my site.