Reviews for "Orbox"

i agree with ...(?) there shouldn't be music...

music loops would make it very annoyingly boring, just get winamp or something, uuhm well nice game!! i liked it, i did find a nice glitch/cheat tho; if you get stuck click your right mouse button-> rewind, then right mouse->forward->and then right mouse->play, then you get to the next level, don't use it too much it spoils the fun!! Overall good game, maybe a bit too difficult at some points, level 17 was suddenly very hard, but i cracked it after a minute or so (banging myself in the head cuz it was actually quite simple, just look very good before you do anything)
one more tip: before you do anything ask yourself where can i go without leaving the play-area?, in the first few levels that gets you veryvery far
my complements for the good game, the scoring was a bit strange, cuz for every level it went back to zero or something, maybe a better scoring bar would be better (something like total: and this level: or something would be much handier), for the rest its pretty much self-explanitory, GOOD GOING AND KEEP GOING, MAKE MORE!!!
ciao, Joe again: i would like to see more of your work, thumbs up!!
(hows my english btw? i'm dutch you know!! :P)

Very Good

This is definatley going in my favs! This was very puzzling though. I got to level 13 and I'm stuck! Very hard but very good. Good job man!

Yes you can beat the 10th level....

....but you can't beat the 12th! CURSE YOU INFERNAL CONTRAPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
! ooh i beat it OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WHOS THE MAAAAN??????? (starts crying) how am i supposed to beat this one? that sums this game up in a nutshell.

P.S. I didnt beat the 12th level ITS SO FRIGGIN HARD WAAHAHA!

dude, i like it

there is one problem, i cant get past level 9. I got like 30 patterns in my head and they all failed......

GameBalance responds:

A level with that 4 color triangles?
But how can you see there 30 patterns?
You should think in some other way ;)

great :P

Orbox is... fun, wastes and wastes my time... but is sort of too easy... otherwise i like xD