Reviews for "Orbox"

very puzzling gave me a dam headache

I liked this game alot it was very puzzling it took me likr 2 hours to beat it it gave me a dam headache but it sure was worth it nice job!


Woo hoo, I beat it.

Final score: 20716

GameBalance responds:

Thank you for playing.


Great game and I beat all 25 levels but that random level annoyed the shit out of me and my head hurts! T-T

GameBalance responds:

Hehe :)

Uh... Pokemon got this idea first.

the idea of no traction moving between blockers is from pokemon. good game anyway though.

GameBalance responds:

I thought up same idea myself

Very funn!

All the level's were challenging, but I noticed how the obstacles change, to test each individuals skills. for me the levels above 20 were easier until I noticed that 25 was the last level. Great game!