Reviews for "Orbox"

great game

i made it to level 10 then i gave up. All in all it was an awesome strategy game. Bravo


This is a great game and it made me think a lot, how many levels are there, im nt sure how far ig to but it couldnt have been that far as i found it pretty hard, nice graphics and sound but it could have done with some background music, nice overall idea and this is really a great game especially if you consider the filesize!


This game is, in a word, brilliant. There need to be a lot more games like this, games that are mentally challenging, simple, addictive, and incredibly entertaining.

If this game had a save system (and maybe more levels.... I'm not sure how many this game has), I would honestly pay money for a software version of this game; it's that good. I say a save system because I got to level 25 I think it is, the one with the 5 forcefields near the bottom that you have to deactivate, and then had to turn off my computer, losing all my hard-earned progress.

Please make more games.

GameBalance responds:

Thanks! Save sistem is very good idea. 25 is the last level.

I loved it.

Great game I got up to level 13 before I had to leave with 7119 points and only 37min of play I hope U make another one man.

GameBalance responds:



i beat it! i liked the switch mechanisms