Reviews for "Orbox"


i like it when i finaly beat a game after hours upon hours the feeling of relief i get. your game gave me that feeling awsome work. i can sleep at night because i beat all the puzzles

GameBalance responds:

Damn. It's better if you get very good sleep after it.


Never have I wanted to rip out my computer, yet keep playing a game before. That's how you know you've made a good game. When someone keeps playing it, and gets more and more pissed off at it. This game is flawless. Addicting gameplay, smooth and simple animation. Music woulda been nice I think, but oh well. My soul will not rest until I've beaten this game... thanks a lot for this awesome game... you son of a bitch. :D


You have responded to all those reviews! LOL, I also do that always.

Very neat game by the way. Veryyy clever!

GameBalance responds:

Yes! And this too! Thanks!


this game is soo fun, now I don't have time to study! :-P

GameBalance responds:

Hey, thanks! Sorry for you studing, you must own youself.

very very good

im on level 21, it keeps changing every time i die?!?!?!? omfg too hard lol

there should be a save feature damnit.