Reviews for "Orbox"

amazing game, addicting as all get out

amazing game man, got to level 24 and quit, thanks for giving me some entertainment.. some levels were real fun

GameBalance responds:



Holy crap level 13 was difficult. I was searching through the reviews for at least a little hint... although I wasn't sure what level I was on (perhaps you should put the level number in a corner?). And I kept seeing "level 13", so I figured this must be it.

I opened up paint, and tried working backwards... even before I read the reviews... and I still couldnt figure it out. So I tried from the beginning.. mapping out every possible place I could go... and *finally* my path from the end, and my path from the beginning connected. For the longest time I just couldn't see it...

So sneaky !!

Haha.. anyways.. excellent work on this game. I love puzzle games :D this one's neat. simplistic, stylish, and challenging. I love the way it flows smoothly.. and.. yah. its just great. A+ :) good work.

GameBalance responds:

So crazy!!! And finally you did it! Some people can complete it just like it is. Some people need paint or search way from end. Everyone think so different. Thanks!


real good game but level 9 is damm hard

The best game I have ever played on NG

It is so freakin' awesome! I'm hooked on it. I'm so happy I could cry!

holy shit

dude awsome game but please tell me how to get past lvl 9 XP