Reviews for "Orbox"


very cool and creative, keep it up!

The greatest flash mind tease in the history of NG

Damn thats challenging. I'm on 11885 points AND STILL PLAYING!
i think i'm around level 11/12. Geezzus. CHALLENGING!!!!!!!!!
The exact conconction that every good mind tease needs.
A damn great classic, thats just sooo.......captivating.

Very Good.

Very good game, though I noticed that when you're stopped on a block, if you keep holding down the button (towards whichever block you're stopped on) that you will continually lose points. I lost a load of points cause I was thinking of the solution and just left my finger down on the button. Dunno if you meant for that to happen or not. Nice submission.

Wow, what a thinker!

One of the most original puzzle games I've ever seen! Since my favourites list is full I'll bookmark this!

GameBalance responds:

Thanks a lot!


Great and addicting game! But there should really be a 'continue' option, or at least a level-select. Or maybe passwords.

GameBalance responds:

I tell you a secret :)
Press number pad "+" button to change level with "space" to make it fast.