Reviews for "Orbox"

GOD the was addicting...

Ahh hours of playing only to give up with 6500 points. That level around that point range is impoosible. It was the level with the blocks, you that one with the blocks. I can't believe I gave up, that was impossible, it was impossible wasn't it. Anyways, nice game. I was having vision about solving em'. That intellectually refreshing. thank you. Some light techno might help though. keep the brain movin'

beat it.. ( no realy :P)!

12th level is hard as fuck.. so i just ended up guessing.. stopped thinking about my moves... and ended up guessing right after 10 trys

GameBalance responds:

I can't help you. Find it your own way. Call some one for help. It's very effective.

my brain hurts...in a good way

i love it, but i had to but some music on, the 'beebs' or annoying, but a background tune in and its prefect

This game is brilliant.

This game is really cool. If it was on the DS or PSP or whatever, I'd totally buy it. That is, if I had a DS or PSP. Anyway, it's a really cool idea. I like the graphical style of the game. It's awesome.

i am stuck on lv. 12

i do not see any way i can beat it

seriouly I think its just my game, like its defective

just now I found a new thing i could do which was go back that one move after the first move you make turns that two blocks wth a hle in the middle which turrns into one

but it doesnt help


GameBalance responds:

Hey. If it's realy problem for you get to my site. There is walkthrough for all the game.
Tip: Go back after gate blocks closed.