Reviews for "Orbox"

Best game on Newgrounds.

Bar none.

Cool game

Great way to spend time

good way to spend time

got bored at lvl 13... it was nicely done and as i said... good way to spend time... now i have to get some cola

One of the best puzzlers on Newgrounds

As some people have pointed out, this type of puzzle has been done before (I've seen it in a PC game called Chip's Challenge), but it's really the way it's been designed that makes it so addictive.

The learning curve was reasonable, and I liked the way new objects are introduced every level or so. I have completed the game, proving that no level is impossible, although the latter ones are very challenging. There is ONE level where the blocks are randomly generated each time you start it, and I'm not sure if you can win that level unless you get lucky with the block placement.

It's great fun, you get a lot of game for a small file size, and for the serious gamer it's refreshing to see such a vibrant & enjoyable puzzle game on Newgrounds. I think there should be a password for each level, though, so that you don't have to play through the entire thing in one sitting.

Good work, keep it coming.

nice but...

i found a glitch, if u right click and uncheck play, then go to rewind, and then play again until it starts it jumps u straight to legvgel 13