Reviews for "Orbox"

Yay.. my head

Yes! I love these kind of games, I kind of gave up on it after lvl 17, my brain just couldnt handle it anymore..good stuff, hope to see more!

GameBalance responds:


ooh, slider puzzles!

this reminds me of those slider puzzles that used to be in alot of games, only more variety and challenge! (and it's teeny tiny at 77kb!)

good stuff!

Incredibly fun!

That was a really fun game. I completed all 25 levels, and loved almost all of them. The only one I didn't enjoy was level 21 (the one with the random blocks), randomness has no place in a logic game. I beg you to make more logic puzzles, I'll be giving a 5 to all of them if they're as good as this one!

GameBalance responds:

Thanks! randomness had place in a logic game.

Pretty, but...

..none of the commands worked. So I saw a nicely-done intro and got to stare at a screen while not having instructions or being able to do anything.

I hate you so much...

You have to understand, i have a test tomorrow, but no, i cant let this godamn game get the best of me so i have to keep playing and playing and godamn forcefields, and SHIT! now i havent been able to study and im not gonna get any sleep and it completely sucks.

great game though, i signed up just to review it, if that makes you feel better.

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