Reviews for "Orbox"

Great Game!

I played this game for hours. It's addictive and fun. It gets really complicated though as you go on. The graphics are really good too. I like the trail that follows you when you move. Challenging, creative, and fun. Great game!

GameBalance responds:


Fantastic Game

Thats a great game! Had me glued to it for like a hour and a half! Managed to complete it with a score of 20182. Make more games!

So addictive I haven't slept of the whole night!

Dude, this game was really cool! Seriously, it was really challenging! I've been to the 19th level and it took me all my ressources! Great game ;)

GameBalance responds:

I haven't slept of the whole night too... Sorry.


God damn i hate you for creating this game i cant stop its so annoying and i spend ages thinking about something then realise i was thinking about something for ages that doesnt even work out so im giving this an 8 / 10 plainly on its difficulty and addictiveness ( Yay level 14! )

Best addicting game to me

I've played several times the russian version I've found through flabber.nl a few weeks ago. I was addicted to madness. And now I see the english version on NG, what a relief!
Only problem found so far : no way to start again at the level you quit. That's a bit boring when you have to quit the game at level 12...
Good work, keep it up! ;)