Reviews for "Orbox"

good work!

a great game,simple to understand yet difficult to understand

Great Game

Fantastic game, couldn't get past a certain level, but it's worthy of a 10 on how creative and stimulating it is.

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I enjoyed the game, it was awsome.. you could make money off this if you gave it a 3-D affect.

GameBalance responds:

Or maybe 3d orbox?

I thought this was a pretty good game...

until I got to level 21... You could have tried to create an algorithm that creates possible mazes! I've been tracking each possible path from the start to see if one led to the finnish and so far there was no possible line. Everytime you restart you get a different, completely random level. You could have removed that level. I even had 2 instances where there was a block on the exit! You have to get lucky to finnish the level, that just stinks!

GameBalance responds:

One of my favorite levels/ It's not only about lucky.

That is a GREAT game

I really engoyed beating that game, it comes with a sort of sense of accomlishment. All in all a fantastic game, except for that damn random blocks level. I finished with a score of 21485 woop! Please make more games.

GameBalance responds:

Damn random blocks level is just random. There will allways be a combinations to get out. And it's a lot of them. Just try and try.