Reviews for "Orbox"


Is confusing at first, but you'll get the heck of it. I actually use my pencil to make my way throught before i move so I don't make many errors :P

GameBalance responds:


whats ur site?

whats ur site name?

good game stuck on 13

GameBalance responds:

guess/.... -> gamebalance.com


I saw this game on different website a few years ago and I was hooked. but then I couldnt find it anymore. So some years pass and I not only find that it is here on new grounds, but it also has an Orbox B on here too. You rock so much for making this game. I am totally hooked!

GameBalance responds:

oh.. well.. is also on my site gamebalance.com. If u search in google.com or some other search engines u will fiind it on a lot of sites. I guess u forgot the name....

Request please

Can I ask if I might have a printable layout of the levels to do on the go? I love Orbox and I do them on the train on my commute back from class. Can you please spare the time and have the printable version up on a host site or whatnot for easy access? Thanks.

GameBalance responds:

I m not sure what you mean?
I m russian and dont understand sometimes.

I love these games

it reminds me of that old game 'chips challenge'. oh the 1 for violence is when you kill the block. And 2 for humour is because i find blocks flying off the screen funny. Puzzler all the way through and i very much enjoyed it. i want a squel or more of the same style

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