Reviews for "Orbox"

Excellent game

I absolutely love logic and puzzle games, and this is definitely awesome. Although I developed a simple method on working backwards using a screenshot and paint, it STILL proved challenging. The special blocks were very nifty, and the levels were well thought out. A couple of things though. First, you should have some sort of saving method, either password or maybe SharedObjects. I got up to level 21 and figured it was over. This was my second thing I had to say. I noticed that level 21 changes each time you lose, and I was wondering if perhaps some of these randomly generated levels are impossible to win. Also in these levels, I noticed that sometimes I can touch the bottom of the screen and not die. Again, I dont know if this was intended or not, but Im just letting you know. So are all these maps on level 21 randomly generated? And if not, are they all beatable? Because if you say yes for both, then you better show me whatever algorithm you used to generate that, because that is just awesome. Great job.

GameBalance responds:

21 is beatable and all of them. 21 is randomly generated.

Very nice

Impressive game of logic
Pushes up for your brain

I was high in this till i gave up at like lvl 10 :o

GameBalance responds:

Oh realy? Thanks! But don't give up! Try it in some years.

level 20 randomness...doom

What was up with lvl 20? We like...killed ourselves 8 times just to find an uber-easy way right to the ending-point...
Good game over all, nothing was impossible...

GameBalance responds:



awesome, the last level was great, i am so glad i made it to the last one and completed it, great design, great thought, maybe someday i can get you to teach me how to do what you do.

Nice game

Makes for a nice brainbuster.

As for what Urban_Ghost said "I've been tracking each possible path from the start to see if one led to the finnish and so far there was no possible line." I dunno if what he said about luck having anything to do with it is true but I got through lvl 21 in 2 tries, perhaps it was because (like on my pc) there were some blocks hidden on the top of the screen. They were there but barely visible, just the edge could be seen.

So you should adjust the screen size on that level.

GameBalance responds:

But you are wrong. It's about luck and observation. And to some kick off those who use paint. For good thinking man it's easy.