Reviews for "Orbox"


one of the best strategie games i've ever player
authors done him self proud
beutifully crafted

GameBalance responds:


best game on this site

this may be the best puzzle game since solomons key
great concept, elegant use of small file size
this game should be on every computer
its more fun than minesweeper (i like minesweeper)

GameBalance responds:

Hey! Thanks a lot! I'm sure it will be!


I don't remember this being daily feature.

But apparently, it was. And it's a worthy winner, too. NG needs games of this quality more often.

Keep it up.

GameBalance responds:

Thanks! I will!


Awesome game man, it took me a while. But i finally finished it "20763." the only thing that pissed me off in this game was level 21. But other than that great job man

GameBalance responds:

Glad you free now! Thanks!

superb! good job!

good job! i spent 3 hours trying to figure out this game and u can call me a loser but i got stuck on lvl. 13. i analyized every possible movement, i even did it backwards(which is a very good idea caz thats how i got to lvl. 13). til the point i just got pissed and kill my comp lol. owell overall great game. some say music would make it better but i say i like it this way because then i can play my own music. peace out! keep up the great work looking forward for the sequel.

GameBalance responds:

Listen man! There is a rule for all puzzles. If you stuck - have a rest. Your head in background thinking will solve the puzzle. And when you play it next time you see much more.
Understand what I mean?