Reviews for "Orbox"


Wow, This Is One Of The Hardest Games I Have Ever Played! Even Though My Head Hurts, I'm Still Playing It. I'm At Level 18 And Still Going. This Game Is Definatly Worth Playing! I Really Hope To See You Continue To Make More Complicated Games Likes This, So I Can Have Even More Migrains! (I Gave Humor A Ten Because I'm So Frustared To The Point To When I Mess Up I Laugh At My Self..... Hmm, Maybe I'm Over Doing It) But Anyways, Awsome Game. I'm Putting This In My Favorites! And Now To Take Some Advil! * Ouch, My Head*


GameBalance responds:

Wow! Thank you!

i liked it alot

this is the only game on newgrounds that i actually found myself wanting to complete the level i was on and to advance through the game. i have to admit with the majority of the games submitted here i just click a few buttons, and complete a few levels and leave. But this game made me think, and in doing so gave me a sense of achievment at the end of each level, which is what a good game should be all about. i made it to level 21 and spent aagges on it but its 2.30am here and im so damn tired and i cant think straight lol.

maybe you could put in level codes so people like me who give up cos they r tired can come back another time and continue from the level they were at.

but bottom line....VERY good game. keep up the great work!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - я люблю эту игру! did i say it right?

GameBalance responds:

Thanks a lot :)
I was think about levels codes or somthing. But decide not to put it by some reason.


i love it I ave played game slike hisbut this is the most challengingvby far

l like this pce of shi#!!!!

i like its awsome and hard and i realy likeee the game

GameBalance responds:

Oh, yeah?

Lots of thinking

Good game, usually I can do these things fast but its been almost an hour I think and I'm on level 21. Wonder how high this goes. Anyways good job, hope to see more from you.

GameBalance responds:

25 levels.