Reviews for "Orbox"

very good

very challenging!i!i lk it tho very well done,very creative puzzles,good job

Wooness on a stick

I love this game, full of road blocky goodness


its just a great game


I gotta say, this was a pretty sweet game, mainly because i do love puzzle games. And I admit this was a head scratcher this one was. Awesome job. 5/5


Sorry i gave you a 9. It had to be done tho. I am a BIG gamer, unlike, mister 4. i give you a good grade.
it was a ripp off game so i had to take a point off for that reason only. but i loved the new peices and things.
anyway. great game. i'm going to see waht else there is.

GameBalance responds:

Then you are wrong. Because this is my own idea about 9-10 years ago. So not ripp off.
You don't know.